Thank you for your contributions that totalled $3160.00 in 2016

Proceeds from Art in the Hat Raffle 2015 brings dollars given by SEDAST to art education
programs in the Indian River School District to a grand total of $56,455.00!



Winners of our 2016 Raffle are:


Ellen Rice's "Evening Splendor" won by Lora Provost
Tara Funk Grim's"Sea Birds Looking" won by Patty Yergey
Laura Hickman's "Flip-Flops" won by Pat Isaacs
Dawn Pierro's Druzy Cabochon set in Silver pendant won by Micheal Drummond
Cheryl Wisbrock's "Low Tide Treasures" won by Karen Plis
Damon Pla's :Memory of Late Afternoon" won by Tim Linehan
John Donato's "Hanging Out" won by Janice Melhorn
Sabie Carey's Beverage Crock won by Alva Hutchinson
Jefferey Todd Moore's "Glassy Crab" won by Charles Ford
Anne Hanna's "Flowers Alive" won by Leslie Lesko
Kim Cavagnaro's Sea Glass Necklace won by Sue Szymanski
Justin Cavagnaro's Incalmo Bowl by won Sonja Scott
Tom Frey's Natural Edge Vessel in Cherry won by Margaret Terry







Raffle tickets are $5.00 each of 5 for $20
100% of the proceeds from the Raffle benefit art programs throughout the local community.




Evening Splendor by Ellen H. Rice
Sea Birds - Looking by Tara Funk Grim
Late Sunrise, Bethany by Jennifer Carter
"Evening Splendor"
by Ellen H. Rice
Framed, 22" x 16" signed, numbered archival
Artist’s Proof of Ellen Rice’s original oil on canvas.
"Sea Birds - Looking"
by Tara Funk Grim
18" x 24" Gallery Wrap Reproduction
"Late Sunrise, Bethany"
by Jennifer E. Carter

24" x36" GalleryWrapped Photo on Canvas

Flip Flops by Laura Hickman
Pendant by Dawn Pierro
Low Tide Treasures by Local Artist Cheryl Wisbrock
"Flip Flops"
by Laura Hickman

24" x 24" Framed Limited Edition Reproduction

by Dawn Pierro

2" x 1.5" - a druzy cabochon set in sterling
silver and find silver on a 20” chain

"Low Tide Treasures"
by Cheryl Wisbrock
17" x 23" Framed Limited Edition
Giclée Reproduction
Memory of the Late Afternoon by Damon Pla
Hanging Out by John Donato
Beverage Crock by Sabie Carey
"Memory of the Late Afternoon"
by Damon Pla
26" x 46" Framed Limited Edition
Canvas Reproduction

"Hanging Out"
by John Donato
11" x 14" Framed Original Acrylic on Canvas Board
"Beverage Crock"
by Sabie Carey
11" x 8" holds 1 gallon, 6" x 8" stand
Glassy Crab by Artist Jeffrey Moore
Flowers Alive by Anne Hanna
Sea Glass Necklace by Local Artist Kim Cavagnaro
"Glassy Crab"
by Jeffrey Todd Moore
Glass on Glass Mosaic, 11" x 8"
"Flowers Alive"
by Anne Hanna
13" x 16" Framed Watercolor Print
"Sea Glass Necklace"
by Kim Cavagnaro

Bright green sea glass, amethyst roundels
and 14k filled gold - Size: 16”

Incalmo Bowl by Justin Cavagnaro
Natural Edge Vessel by Woodturner Tom Frey
"Incalmo Bowl"
by Justin Cavagnaro
9.5” x 3.25” Blown Glass
"Natural Edge Vessel"
by Tom Frey

Cherry w/ base incisings, 8.5" W x 5.35" H